Shed Defender

The dog drives me insane; she’s cute and all but her hair is all over the darn place.  I can take it anymore so we have been trying out Shed Defender which is basically a one piece suit for Fido made of breathable material that magically contains all the hair, dirt and dander so you don’t have it all over your house.  Also, thinking outside the box, it would protect your pet against pet bites in the summer months and the cold/snow during the bitter winter.  It was super easy to put on and off the dog (over the head, zip it up and go).  If your pup has to do his/her business you simply unzip the onesie and off they go!  These comfortably fit dogs of all sizes!! Prices run from aroung $40-$60 depending on your dog’s size.  Sales always in motion on their website!

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