Should minors have unsupervised access to Plan B pill?

The FDA should issue a decision this week about whether or not One-Step Plan B, commonly known as モthe morning after pill,” should be available without a prescription to all girls of childbearing age At this time, Plan B is available to all girls, however, you must be 17 years of age or older to purchase it without a prescription from a doctor If the FDA decides all girls should be allowed to access this contraceptive, it will be removed from behind the pharmacists counter and placed on the shelf next to other contraceptives such as condoms and spermicide A lot of debate has been surrounding the issue of making Plan B legal for all girls regardless of age with interesting arguments on both sides According to , opponents of the measure say Plan B could easily be misused by underage girls and feel a mandatory doctorメs visit not only educates girls how to properly use prescription contraceptives but can also be a screening for sexual exploitation Others argue that Plan B is like an モabortion pillヤ which is untrue From under the モWhat it isnメtヤ FAQ the website states, モPlan B One-Stepᆴ is not RU-486 (the abortion pill)ラit wonメt work if youメre already pregnant, and it wonメt affect an existing pregnancyヤ The website goes on to say the pill isnメt a regular form of birth control and should not be used as such The website is full of facts and how-tos when it comes to Plan B, but is that enough to educate young girls? If the FDA chooses to put the pill on shelves, there will not be an age limit requirement when purchasing the drug Do you feel itメs safe for minors to purchase the Plan B pill without a doctorメs prescription?