Som Sleep

How about a great gift for someone in you life who struggles with settling down for the night?!  I feel like my mind never shuts off and I am constantly running to the next thing!  For sure I am personally over-caffeinated and stressed and I know I am not alone!  Think stocking stuffers for all!  A great add-on to a co-worker gift!  What am I talking about you ask?! See I actually almost forgot to tell you!  Som Sleep is this great nutritional support drink you ingest around 30 minutes before bedtime.  It is non-habit forming, drug free and low in calories; actually also gluten/soy/preservative/allergen free as well!  It helps promote relaxation by using L-Theanine (like in green tea) and helps maintain a good nights sleep with the help of Melatonin.  There are two options: regular (40 calories) and zero sugar (10 calories).

I truly think a great and most thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who needs some restful zzz’s…maybe even keep for yourself!  They run about $10 for a four pack.

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