Somebody Made a Two Fisted Beer Mug

two fisted beer mug

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug has arrived on the scene. Have you ever been at a bar and felt that a measly 16-ounce beer just wasn’t enough? Well, fear not my friend, because now you can have two of them at once! Yes, you read that right. Two beers, in one mug, at the same time.

At first glance, the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug may seem comical, ridiculous, and even downright stupid. But then again, imagine having a delicious Guinness in it. Suddenly, the idea doesn’t seem so absurd anymore.

Made from heavy gauge plastic, this mug keeps your beverages cool while allowing you to enjoy a full 32 ounces of beer without having to order two separate drinks. And let’s be honest, ordering two drinks at once can be quite the commitment, especially if you’re out on a date or trying to maintain some semblance of sobriety.

But wait, there’s more! The Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug’s patented design allows for the sharing of liquid (preferably beer) between the two mugs. That’s right, you can pour beer from one side to the other, making it the perfect vessel for sharing a drink with a friend or significant other. It’s like the beer version of Lady and the Tramp.

The Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug has gained quite the following since its inception. It’s been featured on popular websites like theChive, BuzzFeed, Dude I Want That, Gadget Flow, The Awesomer, and I Want That. It’s an attention-getter, that’s for sure. Just imagine the looks you’ll get when you walk into a party with one of these bad boys in hand. You’ll be the talk of the town.

But the best part about the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug? The beverage combinations are only limited to your imagination. Sure, you could go the traditional route and have two beers at once, but why stop there? Put iced tea in one side and lemonade in the other for a fun Arnold Palmer. How about some vodka on one side and bloody Mary mix on the other for…well, a Bloody Mary! The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug may seem like a silly novelty item, but it’s actually a pretty ingenious invention. It’s perfect for those times when you just can’t decide between two different drinks or when you want to share a beverage with a friend. And let’s be honest, it’s just plain fun. So, the next time you’re out at a bar and feeling a bit indecisive, give the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug a try. You won’t be disappointed.