Soy doesn’t help with menopause symptoms

Researchers at the University of Miami have found that taking soy supplements do not reverse the loss in bone density caused by menopause Herbal remedies have become a popular alternative to hormone therapy The study analyzed data from women aged 45 to 60 for two years One group took 200 milligrams of a soy supplement and the other group took a placebo Scientists found that both groups of women had similar levels of bone density モWomen should be reconsidering taking these types of products for menopausal health,” said Dr Silvina Lewis, lead author on the study to theᅠ In addition, those women taking soy supplements still experienced other symptoms of menopause like lack of sex drive and vaginal dryness, in comparison to the group taking the placebo William Wong, a nutritionist at the Baylor College School of Medicine, who was not involved with the study weighed in on the issue with Reuters “The scientific evidence is telling them that they might not receive any benefit,” said Wong to