Spookylicious Chocolate Pizza

If you’re going to order a chocolate pizza it would seem a rather logical step to order it from a company called, “the Chocolate Pizza Company”

This is not only their name but jtis literally what they do. They make chocolate pizzas.

In this case you see the Spooklicious pizza which is clearly Halloween themed.

Ryan Novak is the mad genius behind thismaking his pizzas straight from Syracuse, New York. I will admit I’ve never heard of this before but I am a frequent road trip gal and I can assure you that the next time I am passing through upstate New York I will stop in Syracuse. I will shake Ryan’s hand vigorously. I might even consider hugging this man for the invention of chocolate pizza. 

I love the uniqueness of this for a Halloween dessert. They also make a dark chocolate version for those were looking for a better heart health when they have dessert. Who am I kidding? Nobody has dark chocolate except it tastes awesome.

Even if he didn’t personally invent it, I want to give him credit and thank him because this pizza makes me happy. Order this for Halloween and feel the joy!