Square Panda = Phonics Fun!

When I was a kid we had magnetic letters that stuck to the fridge and we would play spelling games while mom made dinner.  When my kids were little we had this cool battery operated spelling toy that spoke to them and played games.  Today; we have evolved into a great way the learn the letters, their sounds and build your 3 year olds’ vocabulary all with our friend the iPad.  Square Panda is quite honestly a fantastic addition to my nephews world.

Super easy to get going: you download the apps – currently there are 10 including bowling, lagoon and letter lab and of course more on the way soon!  You will then be guided through the process and on your way to learning fun!  I just want to point out that while your child is on-screen bowling, inventing and experimenting they are totally learning along the way.  Check them out!

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