Stand Corrected

Posture is for sure an issue for all of us; how many of you are in a car half the day commuting all slumped over with a coffee cup?  While you are work, arched at a desk typing like a mad man at the screen? How about how we arch totally forward and “text all day”.  Let’s face it we are all in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Check out Stand Corrected this is an amazing stretching device that is single-handedly changing my husband and mine’s life.  The way we sit/stand all day affects our health, circulation even our sleep (what little of it we actually have)!! This product totally uses the strength of our arms and allows for a sort of “light” stretch to our neck, back and spine.  Basically you hold the loops and pull your hands behind your back while looking up.  We started out doing a 15 min stretch a day and keep adding minutes as the days go by!

The website has all sorts of sample stretches; beginner to advanced.

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