Start your own book club

Does your child have books laying around perhaps in the corner of their closet or even under their bed? If you answered yesthen you may like this idea of helping your child start their own book club! Yestheir very own book club!ᅠThere are so many cherished books to certainly keep in your child’s libraryespecially those that are signed by a loved one, but there are also books that perhaps your child has outgrown The book club can work in several different ways One way is for children to bring an old book from homesay once a month to your book club meeting and do a FUN exchange with the books At the end of the meeting, everyone goes home with a new book This is such a great way to encourage reading and help those that can’t afford to go and buy new booksᅠYour book club can also hold “Book Drives” and encourage an entire community to donate children’s books that can be delivered by the children toᅠchildren’s hospitals and even children’s homes Places likeᅠchildren’s homesᅠare always in need of donations! This project isᅠnot only fun but canᅠalso serve as a community project and even help underprivileged children receive books that will encourage reading! First, sit down with your child and go through all the books you have that will go towards the book club Next, let your child decide the name of his/her book clubᅠBy allowing your child to name his/her book club, your child will feel a sense of pride and learn about responsibility Now it’s time to ” Above is a quick example of the flyer to help inform others of your book club During the meeting, you and your child will discuss what the book club is about and how it worksᅠBefore you know it, your book club will be in full swing! Let me hear from you and tell us how you and your child are helping in your community toᅠ make a difference I’ll be posting stories next week from my viewers You canᅠsend me an email at: orᅠjust leave a comment here Have a great week and read a good book today and make a difference in your child’s life! HK Gilbert