Storytime Toys – Awesome Gifts for Children

image of storytime toys playsets and puzzles

We love giving our children toys that will stimulate their imagination. And books are some of the best gifts! But now we’ve found even better! Storytime Toys brings books to life! This Christmas, give a beautiful storybook with playset so the kids can play out the story as much as they want!

The Storytime Toys sets are amazing! Each one comes in an easy-to-carry cardboard box. Children can easily put together the foam sets and take them apart again without breaking them. And I can say they have survived hours and hours with a rough boy! The children can put everything away again in the box and go on their next adventure! The boxes come with a handle for easy carrying.  Some of the sets (like the princess castle) come with a board where all the pieces fit in like a jigsaw puzzle. Easy to store and stack in the play corner!

Storybook Playsets

image of storytime toys little bo peep playset

Storytime Toys has 12 different Storybook Playsets. They cost between $24.95 and $34.95. And each one comes with a book featuring the story. I love that Storytime Toys has given a new twist to some of the most classic fairy tales. In Jack and the Giant, the giant does not get pushed from the clouds, and Jack does not steal anything. Instead, they decide to open a grocery store together with the huge beans and golden eggs. Little Red Riding Hood decides to open an animal hospital to help the wolf that is just hungry and hurt. Snow White does not let her mean stepmother in her new home and instead opens a Candy Apple Sweet Shop for all her friends.

The Storybook Playsets from Storytime Toys talk about positive character traits. Bravery, honesty, kindness…They are extremely inclusive. Jack and the Giant’s Grocery Store and Beanstalk features a girl in a wheelchair. Red Riding Hood’s Animal Hospital shows a girl in a headscarf. Every set has people of different skin tones and backgrounds.

Storytime Toys makes all pieces from a unique combination of premium yoga/baby mat material (EVA foam) and high-quality card stock. As a result, they are very tough! The pieces fit together like a 3-D puzzle, and assembling the sets is as easy as pressing tabs into place. No tools or screws are required.

Everything can be disassembled and folded flat in a portable carrying case, conveniently designed to fit on your bookshelf!


image of storytime toys jack and the giant playset

Play Puzzles

Storytime Toys has six Play Puzzles. These puzzles have the same concept as the playsets but fit into one board. Your child can take out the pieces from the board and put them back after playing. The holes in the board have an image of the piece that should be in there, so putting everything back in the right spot is easy peasy! And the board can be flipped over to form a flat play surface with images. The back of the Princess Castle board shows a moat with a drawbridge for, example.

The pieces fit together like a 3-D puzzle and form a nice toy. Your child will develop fine motor skills, creativity, and confidence through hands-on engagement!

The Play Puzzles cost $14.95 and have six different themes: Princess Castle, Unicorn Rainbow, Fire Truck, School Bus, Spaceship, and Pirate Ship. Something for everyone!

image of storytime toys princess castle play puzzle

All shipping in the US is free! If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 10% off your first order! The Storytime Toys Storybook Playsets and Play Puzzles would make a great Christmas gift for any child!