Summer safety tips round-up

With the summer months ahead and children coming home from school, many parents are excited and a little nervous about spending more time with their kids With all that the summer has to offer, itメs easy to get caught up in the fun and forget about safety precautions that adults take for granted So hereメs a little primer to keep in mind suggests learning first aid and CPRᅠ when planning to be outside on a hot day, as well as eating lots of little snacks that do not include protein (which may make you you more hot) Cooling off in the pool may be tempting, but itᅠposes risks for children Swimming lessons are always a great idea, but you always need adult supervision ヨ even around small inflatable pools Leaning too hard against an inflatable pool can make a child fall back into the water and get hurt Itメs important to keep pools fenced-off if possible and have floatation (and rescue) devices handy But how do you stay safe at summer fairs and carnivals? According to s, six states do not require ride inspections at carnivals, so be sure to know the laws in your state and donメt be afraid to ask about safety certifications Rides are supposed to be fun for the family, not deadly It is important to make sure children are buckled and cannot fall out of any restraints Though this isnメt about scaring parents into not letting their children go outside Itメs important to spend time outdoors and get exercise with your kids! But the thing Iメve noticed about most safety warnings is that they neglect telling parents to tell their kids about how to be safe Talk to your kids and tell them why they canメt do certain things, or that they need to let you know if they feel like something is wrong ヨ whether they feel hot, faint, thirsty, etc By letting them have a hand in staying safe, they will feel more comfortable with the rules you give them Communication is key to staying safe and having a good time