TEN Spring Water

Honestly I could have fried an egg on the sidewalk today.  It’s just gross; hot, sticky and no one looks good…or feels good.  You literally have to drink water every second just to not feel light-headed in my opinion.  I was handed a new water to try out at basically the perfect time.  TEN Alkaline Spring Water is bottled from pure, natural springs and has a ph of 10 (most others have 9 ph and come from municipal sources).  You simply cannot believe how acidic the “healthy bottled water” you are drinking is; just when you think you made the best choice.  This was a real learning experience and eye opener for me.  Oh; and the water holds its ph level for two years in the bottle!!

Trainers love it, sports figures, entertainers and now me!  You can find it at food stores locally like ” Best Market” and “Wild By Nature” just to name a few.  I am feeling hydrated and the water is really from the best source possible!

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