Tetley SUPER Herbal Teas

The weather’s getting hairy out there and the germs are “a-comin”.  I love that I now have a super-power in my back pocket; well…my desk drawer at work maybe.  Tetley’s Super Herbal Teas has infused necessary vitamins to help us fight those germs out there.  I am loving the “Immunity” tea; it comes in Peach/Orange and Lemon/Honey and they are both fabulous.  These are a winter must for this household.  Also available are “Glow”: with extra vitamin B7 and pineapple flavored (you gotta love these awesome tea flavors) for skin and hair growth.  “Metabolism” carries B6 for the energy we need to get through these hectic days (yummy blueberry tea!) and “Focus”; well focus who doesn’t need this one: there is a little extra caffeine punch in this baby.  Please check out this entire line; this is not your momma’s tea selection for sure!

Please check them out: http://shop.tetleyusa.com/Super-Tea/c/Tetley@SuperTea.