The Art Of Shaving

For the man in your life: The Art Of Shaving.  This is so simple in a world of busy hustle and bustle.  The product goes off the basic principle of the 4 “elements of shaving”: preparation, lather, shave and moisturize.  Really; this is a simple concept such quality products that you will never go back to basics again.  It took me some time to convince the hubby to try out the “Pre-Shave Oil” but once he did he realized how much better the shave process was with this pre-meditated barrier against the razor.  The “lather” process is smooth and savory and the enclosed brush makes it all the more luxurious.  Once you are finished shaving, the “After Shave Balm” will bring you back to soft with shea butter and jojoba oil.  Legit this is as close to “spa” as I can get my man.  For more information please visit: http://_wp_link_place  

This fantastic kit comes in unscented among other scent options.