The Bond

It is getting warm out in my neighborhood (FINALLY) and I am happy to be adding a little technology to my home that will help me run things!

I am using The Bond to turn on my lights and my ceiling fans all from my smart phone.  You can also connect to your tablet, Echo and Google Home.  By the way, I have no patience and I am not super great with electronics but this took literally seconds to set up.  You download the app, connect to wi-fi, pair the items, and off you go to set them up as you desire.  I am taking my home to the next level and one by one grabbing my remote control devices and making my house “smarter by the minute”.  From what I hear, pretty soon this super awesome product will also work with electronic fireplaces and remote control air conditioners.  The Bond costs just under $99 and is totally worth it when you see how many things you can control from the palm of your hand!  If you are out and about and forget to turn your lights on…guess what you can do it in seconds!  Grab one from Home Depot or Amazon today!  

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