The Chocolate Tour at Lydgate Farms – Kauai

Lydgate Chocolate Tour
Lydgate Chocolate Tour

I find that tours can usually be divided into one of two situations. One of them is more of a museum-like situation where the guide is simply going around pointing to various objects and having you interpret them. Then there is the other category: something a bit more interactive that turns itself into a show. The Chocolate Tour at Lydgate Farms falls into the latter category and was an absolutely amazing immersive experience.

Led by the lovely Andrea, the tour began with tasting some delicious chocolate before moving on to trying various fruits native to the island. It was a great introduction to the flavors of the area and set the tone for the rest of the tour.

The real highlight, however, was when we saw the Cocao trees and learned the entire process of how Cocao fruit is raised and harvested. Andrea’s passion for the process was infectious, and she made it a point to ensure that everyone was engaged and involved.

At the end of the tour, we went through a blind tasting of nine different chocolates, all of which were local to the area or from around the world. Throughout the tasting, Andrea delved into the history of chocolate and how the geography of the Cocao trees influences the taste of the chocolate.

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