The irony of life

My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP, but I recently found that one of my weaknesses is that I plan – a lot It’s something I tend to do almost instinctively so I never realized it until now Right when I get an idea, a plan has already been effortlessly mapped out in my mind! This part of me is directly at odds with the “P” part of “ENFP” I am supposed to be spontaneous and not care for plans, but I’m spontaneous and automatically make plans – it’s maddening sometimes <i>The irony of life is that the more I plan, the less things seem to go my way</i> For example, I wanted to get into a top medical school when I entered college I had it all planned out: I would volunteer and join a research lab my freshman year, get great grades all 4 years, do well on the MCAT and have a host of leadership experiences in college Guess what happened? I did all those things but ended up not applying to medical school During the process, I realized that at this point of my life, I was not ready for medical school I found that, though I was good at biology, it wasn’t something I could see myself going through for another 4+ years I cared about people, but didn’t want to express this care by becoming a doctor In the end, my brain planned it all out and executed it wonderfully yet, ironically, failed to take the final step and actually apply Since I gave up medical school (cold turkey I might add), I started looking at other career fields and found finance to be interesting I think you can guess what happened next, my mind started planning ways of how I could get into amazing and very well-known companies – it didn’t happen I mean yes I got multiple offers from amazing and well-known companies, but they weren’t the companies I had in mind or even considered At first I felt bad, ahem really bad, but then I realized that the offers I received were amazingly lucrative, in fact much more lucrative than the “dream companies” I had in mind Again, I effortlessly planned meticulously and didn’t reach the goal I had in mind Read the rest