The kid-friendly new way to bake a cake

Are you sick and tired of always baking the same old pre-packaged cookies, brownies or cakes? Join forces with your little one and get creative while baking You donメt need to be celebrating an event to make these cool treats It seems as if モpopsヤ are in now-a-days, whether they are Rice Krispies Treats on a Stick, a recipe courtesy of , (Rice Krispies モPopsヤ) or Cake Pops, courtesy of CakePopRecipescom Both treats are easy and fun to make So why not try them out? Within a total of 40 minutes, prep time included, you can have 12 Rice Krispies Treats on a stick These pops will allow your child to recreate the standard Rice Krispies Treats, by decorating them and adding unique and colorful toppings of their choice! On the other hand, you can go an even more personalized route with the Cake Pops You can use any type of cake batter that you prefer, from the common vanilla and chocolate batters to cookie dough or cheesecake! Thatメs only half of whatメs to come You can personalize your treats even further by coating them with coconut, chocolate, or whatever toppings you desire Check out for ideas and recipes on baking these delightful and delicious treats They are the new way to bake a cake!