The Top Ten Moments from The Office

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1. Dwight Fire Drill from “Stress Relief”
This is the scene that every fan of The Office will remember, and one of the most iconic Dunder Mifflin’s safety zealot Dwight Schrute moments of all time. This scene truly captures the chaos that is The Office.

2. Michael seeks advice on love from the women in the office. “Women’s Appreciation”
Michael’s lack of self-awareness comes through so much and is obnoxiously hilarious. If someone has no idea who Michael Scott is and what his personality is this scene would be the perfect starting point.

3. Michael and Jan’s Dinner from Hell “Dinner Party”

Pam and Jim run out of excuses and must go to Jan and Michael’s house for dinner; when Dwight learns that Angela and Andy are also invited, jealousy gets the best of him.
This is probably the most uncomfortable thing to watch ever. Which is the essence of The Office. The cringe when Michael puts up the neon sign and Jan starts dancing to her previous intern’s EP lol. AMAZING! There are too many funny moments to point out in this whole scene but it is by far one of the best.

4. When Michael calls Wendy’s “Chair Model”
While looking through an office-supplies catalog, he falls in love with a chair model. … Michael later tries to call a “hot and juicy redhead” named Wendy, but it turns out it was the number for Wendy’s, the fast-food restaurant. Yet another scene where Michael shows his gullible longing for love. Pam sets him up with a nice girl, which upsets Michael.

5. Dwight Stays in the Car and Blasts Motley Crue Before Sales Meeting “Traveling Salesman”
Jim and Dwight arrive for a meeting and Dwight tells Jim to leave him the keys as Jim stands outside in the cold Dwight blasts ‎”‎Kickstart My Heart‎” by Motley Crue to get in the right headspace. I personally think this is amazing just because it reminds me so much of myself when I have to get myself pumped for something.

6. Michael Falls in the Koi Pond “Koi Pond”

I have never watched this scene and not laughed. How dramatic Michael must have to be to not just stand up and get out but instead waits for someone to come help him and screams until it happens. Then to top it all off the fact that Jim dogged him and let him fall in lol. The behind the scenes footage of the full security tape is amazing as well.

7. Andy Float Away – “Beach Games”
A brief moment where Andy Bends down toward the lake and falls in but is wearing a fat suit so he cannot swim out. Then Angela is the only one who sees him which is the worst possible luck of all time. Love this scene because of the frustration in Andy’s voice when Angela keeps pretending she cannot hear him and never tells anybody he’s stranded in the lake.

8. Dwight Makes Andy Sell His Car “Did I Stutter”

Andy Bernard is selling his 2001 Nissan Xterra for $8,700. Dwight Schrute pressures him into selling it for $1,500 less than the asking price, because according to Dwight, “[the] car is crap”. Dwight assures Andy that he will only use it as a wagon, dragged by a mule on Dwight’s beet farm.

9. Michael and Darrell Sing the Blues “Employee Transfer”
One of the few times where Darrell tries to be a friend to Michael and cheer him up. So, touching even though Michael ruins it because of his lack of musical knowledge and ability to sing in time.

10. Michael Returns for the Wedding “Finale”
Must put this one in because of how nostalgic and heartwarming it is when Michael r comes back to the show after being gone so long for Dwight and Angela’s long-awaited wedding. For one last “that’s what she said.”

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