Thereメs no remedy better for child constipation than fiber

Apparently, lots of children in the western countries consume too much processed food, and their lack of fiber causes functional constipation reports that a recent review of nine studies done on 640 kids under the age of 18 who suffered from constipation showed they had better bowel movements after taking fiber supplements Other treatments tested included prebiotic and probiotic supplements that build up a balance of モgood bacteriaヤ in digestive tracts, and increasing water intake, but neither seemed to make a difference According to the (NDDIC), constipation in children is actually very common and doesnメt have many long-term consequences For young kids, constipation is most likely an indication that they are stressed out about potty training or scared of having a painful bowel movement Having a high fiber diet will reduce the chances of having a traumatizing, painful potty break However, infrequent bowel movements can, if rarely, morph into a bigger problem that can delay a childメs social development Kids who eat low-fiber diets consisting of mainly bread and pasta and dairy products are much more likely to develop a serious constipation problem Doctors recommend cutting back on モwhiteヤ foods that have no fiber, as well as other processed foods, and adding more vegetables to their childメs diet They recommend stimulant laxatives only as a last-ditch measure if a fiber-rich diet fails