This Mother Deserves a FEW Good Drinks

Homeschooling, working from home, staying away from most of my friends and family, cops killing innocent black men, riots, aggression, and a president that is at a loss when it comes to encouraging unity and peace, makes me long for a fun new hobby. One I don’t have to leave home to enjoy.  So, I’ve turned my front porch into a place where I can invite a friend and enjoy a drink. It’s officially a hobby now. As I’m not a professional drinker, I intend to give authentic reviews.

This week, I had my buddy Taylor over for a pour of FEW Bourbon Whiskey (outside on the patio or course). This is a new one for us and if looks count, we were impressed with the bottle.

FEW Spirits distillery is in Evanston, Illinois right outside of Chicago. This three- grain bourbon infuses spiciness and smoothness and is handcrafted in aged charred oak barrels in small batches.  We were also both pleasantly surprised by the flavors of clove, cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel. Also, there’s a lingering oaky smooth aftertaste.  I like it a lot and we will be drinking it again.