Tips To Look After Your Husband

Spending a little time cleaning out grandma’s attic proved to be irritating today as I came across an old text-book that “directed” our youth of 1950 to “Look After Your Husband” as he arrives home from work.  I certainly wouldn’t want to stress the “Mr” out with my colorful account of how his precious angels acted for the day.  Instead, I really want to tie a cute ribbon in my hair and serve him a steak and make sure he sits comfortable with his feet up on the ottoman.
Thankfully, we  are in the land of 2017 or as I like to call it the time of “all hands on deck” when it comes to parenting/cooking/cleaning.  Sometimes I have to re-do what he does; but that is just fine with me.

P.S.) I better remember on Monday Evening to freshen myself up with a little mascara around 5 pm and to speak in a low, soothing voice.  (I am cringing as I write this).

Happy Monday and Happy Reading! xoxo



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