Tipsy Tags

Great for Valentines celebrating are adorable Tipsy Tags which my friends and I have been checking out!  We will not have trouble remembering whose glass is whose next time we gather for monthly bunco.  These are so cute and so easy to use.  You simply drop the tiny magnet into the glass and hold the super cute charm up to the outside of the glass.  Once the two magnets attract you slide your charm into your desired place and there it wills stay.

I received ADORABLE Valentine’s Day charms perfect for the upcoming week!  They are little circle “button” magnets that say things like I Love You and P.S. I Love You.  I also have Pleasure charms which are sparkly blinged out fun charms that add something special to your stemware all with a practical purpose!    So so many other charm options; holidays, phrases, cute ideas galore!  Please check out their website to learn more about this super cool idea!  They range in price from around $14 to $30.


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