Tone up your body with the Kettle ball

If you’re a busy mother like me, it’s hard squeezing exercise in your schedule The kettle ball is becoming the new trend for women Doing some simple exercise routines with the kettle ball can quickly get you into shape According to fitness manager , the kettle ball is a great time saver and it also challenges stabilizer muscles What makes this more unique than any other exercise is that the weight of the kettle ball is unevenly distributed, whichᅠin turn, makes the muscles work harder, thus achieving results It is recommended that women exercise with the kettle ball three to four times weekly, with 8 to 10 pound weights One of the best kettle ball workouts a woman can do is the This is when you hold the ball out in front of you, and you pretend like you’re sitting in a ᅠchair ᅠAnother great kettle ball work out is the arm swing This is when you place the kettle ball on the ground and you’re squatting and lifting both hands in the air