Top 10 Pink Places to Take Photos in LA by pop artist PI3RCE

Hi everyone! I’m PI3RCE, an all pink, girly-pop singer from Los Angeles but living in Nashville. My brand is inspired by 2000s fashion, and a sort of gothic twist on iconic Barbie style. For my fashion shoots, I try my best to maintain an all pink feed aesthetic online, and do a lot of research to find the perfect pink places to take photos. Lately I’ve been traveling back to LA a lot for work and I am currently making a list of the best places for super pink photo ops. There are many beautiful pink places around the world, but LA really takes it to the next level, and has quite a few amazing pink locations all within a few miles of each other. If you’re like me and love pink backgrounds for your Instagram feed, then I know you’ll love my list of the 10 most pink places to take photos in LA!

PI3RCE – “Famous” Music Video:

Paul Smith Wall in Melrose

This spot is one of the most iconic places in LA— at least as far as Instagram goes!! If you’re in the area it’s a must see, the glaring bright pink walls are visually stunning, and the lines of tourists outside taking pictures is pretty hilarious too! They don’t allow professional photography so be sure you bring your best iPhone photo buddy and have fun!

Louis Vuitton Staircase on Rodeo Drive

Right now the inside of the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive is a millennial pink fantasy. So many insta models are taking photos inside on the bubblegum staircase. I doubt they’d be ok with professional photography either but you can always ask— I’m sure it helps if you pick up a pair of shoes on your way out!

Beverly Hills Hotel

If you’ve always wanted to feel just like Marilyn Monroe, this is your opportunity. The Beverly Hills Hotel is definitely a cultural time capsule just riddled with old Hollywood history. Best part is, it’s all pink! If you’re in town, I highly recommend grabbing tea on the patio just for the memories.

Sorella Boutique

The new Sorella Boutique in LA has created the ultimate Insta-Girl experience in their store. Inside and out, it has quite a few opportunities for your newest hot shot— and you can pick out a hot little number to wear in the pics while you’re there too!

PLT LA Office

The PLT Office in LA is definitely made of my most pink dreams. They even have a pink unicorn in the office!! The staircase is all pink just like LV but they stepped it up by lining it with beautiful flowers. It’s definitely an ideal shopping experience for pink ladies everywhere.

Erin McKenna Bakery

I found this place on IG a few weeks ago and can’t wait to go! It’s got an all pink retro theme inside and is all Vegan and Gluten Free— perfect for my strict diet! Check out their location in LA and tell me what you think!

Azusa Barbie Dream Apartment

Omg this girl created the most beautiful Barbie Dream Apartment!! It’s seriously out of this world!! You can book a one hour photo shoot at her beautiful place online— you know I had to!

Rag Doll Pink Palace

I actually just shot the music video for my new song “FAMOUS” here and I seriously wanted to move in. The Rag Doll Pink Palace is an absolute fantasy, and the ideal place for a retro pink princess photoshoot or film.

Museum of Dream Space

The museum of dream space has amazing digital art galleries that are very transportive. I loved going in and taking beautiful photos in the pink lights— I felt like I fell into a fairytale wonderland!

Museum of Selfies

The Museum of Selfies in Hollywood is a great stop for groups and parties to take photos at! Each room is set up in a different hilarious scene, and you and your friends get to jump right in to make an Instagram splash!

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