‘Home Alone’ clips on YouTube you simply must see

Home Alone is now such a Christmas classic, but what do you do when you’ve watched Home Alone too many times? What can you watch if you’ve already seen the heck out of the movie?

Watch some YouTube clips to get your Home Alone fix.

Below are some our favorite clips about Home Alone and even some clips from the film.


The Macaulay Culkin commercial is a perfect follow up to the movie.

How did the pitch meeting go? Here’s one hypothesis

I loved watching this interview with Macaulay Culkin about his time with Joe Pesci

You can’t beat Family Guy and their take on Home Alone

I think the Booby Trap scenes are by far my favorite!

If you’ve not watching Zach King, he’s like a master of illusion and has gone viral a few times online.

I will never forget this scene

This is a really good compilation of the history of Home Alone and it’s evolution online.

I think this battle plan is so adorable, I can’t take it

Donald Trump in his role in Home Alone 2

Which were your favorite scenes? Is Home Alone one of your favorite movies?