Top Sean Connery/SNL Jeopardy Skits

Sadly, Sean Connery died today, October 31, 2020.  While every post seems to mention James Bond, I actually loved the Saturday Night Live version of Sean Connery. In many interviews, the actors have said they’ve viewed their version of Sean Connery to be a loving tribute.

Of course, they were each a surreal interpretation of Sean Connery. Not at all based on reality, but a hysterically belligerent version of reality.  Darrell Hammond has done a brilliant performance here. Watching the rest of the cast almost lose it over his hi-jinx is half the fun.


1. This is one of my favorites as it includes the actual Alex Trebek. Watching his reactions to the entire fiasco is hysterical.

2. French Stewart freaks me out but the Burt Reynolds/Norm McDonald interaction pushes this one over the edge.

3. I feel like this time Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery almost made him lose it.



4. These guys are really at their stride, with Sean basically yelling at everybody.




5,  Here we have Chris Tucker, Anne Heche, and Sean Connery, with Will Ferrell’s Trebek nearly losing it.



6. The Thumbnail here says it all. You can see Darrell Hammond nearly breaking character as Will Ferrell loses his mind.




7. Finally, any skit with Tom Hanks has to be at the top of the list.