Top Tiger King Memes

Everybody is talking about the Netflix show Tiger King. Not only has the show blown up, but the Memes have blown up too.  The basic premise is… well, the best I can say is it involves a guy who likes tigers, but he hates a woman who likes tigers and then there’s drugs and sex and murder.

Well, it’s one of those shows that defies explanation besides the memes. The Tiger King Memes themselves. Probably the best is the SNL description of: : polygamy, meth, tigers, murder, Shaquille O’Neal, a sex cult, amputations, magic, elephant riding, country music, Scarface, presidential candidates, a hitman, John Oliver, explosions, a fat guy with a bowl cut riding a jetski, and a septic tank.

This show has blown up so fast they’re already talking about a movie and a follow up series.

Do you love Tiger King yourself? What are some of your favorite memes? Are you completely obsessed with this show?


















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