Turn up the heat in a Voll vest

The start of spring may be here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adding another winter garment to your wardrobe. The Voll Resistence Crawcow 7V insulated heated vest for men is the most useful item to have during the cold winter months or during a ski trip abroad.

This stylish vest is rechargeable and provides instant heat with the push of a button. With this black vest, you can stay warm without the bulk of several sweaters and jackets by using its Zero Layer Heat System patented design. This system is slim and fits close to your body allowing you to get hot fast. It’s lightweight and durable making it an absolute must have.

Charged by a lithium battery, you can stay warm at a 100 percent high heat for over two hours. Its safe pocket won’t cause you any harm and it’s easy to charge when you need to.

For less than $200 you can save big time on lessening your winter wardrobe and utilizing this great idea to keep warm. Available in sizes small, medium, large, XL and 2XL, you will definitely find the perfect fit and look (and feel!) hot while wearing it.


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