Twitter Reactions to Disney’s Splash Mountain Redesign

Twitter is going crazy and it seems the reactions to Disney redesigning Splash Mountain run the gamut between Black Lives Matter to “Why did you do this”!  Every post seems to lead to another post.

What’s amazing is it’s just the changing of a ride.  I have a feeling that Disney World might have changed one or two rides in the past. Didn’t we just do it for Norway?  If the issue is the nostalgia, has anybody here actually seen Song of the South?

1) He is preaching the truth right here!


2) Yes, exactly. I’m on the Tiana side!

3) This would make the ride so awesome!

4) I don’t think the name “Racist Log Ride” would really stick.

5) Well the reaction does work.

6) OMG I would love this. The Doof Drop!

8) It MIGHT be something else.




Have you seen any good memes yourself?  Do you think this will be the buzz of the decade or will people calm down and move forward? Maybe this will be like the Frozen ride where people didn’t cry about losing Norway.

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