Urbanexec Socks

Father’s Day is in like two days: you can still scoop up wonderful and quality everyday items (and they can arrive a day or so late; dad’s never care about that).  I am loving socks/hosiery from Urbanexec and I suggest you try them out as well.  Right now through 6/20 you can score a free pair when you purchase two (“DADSR#1); honestly this is “win-win” because they are such great socks.  The entire line is super thick microfiber; definitely compression level (the hubby always notices) and stays over the calf all day long.  They are mostly nylon some canvas and super smooth and soft.  Patterns and colors for everyone: shop diamonds, dots, lattice, pin dots, stripes, solids etc: they run about $21.00 a pair and are totally worth the indulgence.  Please visit: http://urbanexecsocks.com/.

urbanexec socks