UTGP 17 Coverage!

So my kid who is the master gamer of our household basically had his day made this weekend.  A gift bag arrived and inside was a pair of wonderful tshirts from UNIQLO and the UTGP 2017 Nintendo (The Global T-Shirt Design Competition) T-shirts!  If you are a Nintendo enthusiast like my kid, you will be thrilled with the creative and amazing selection of these great shirts.  Over 16,000 designs were submitted in this contest featuring Mario and Pokemon and Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto chose 25 winners!

He basically flipped out in excitement over his solid black tshirt with Pokemon figure outline and this amazing black and white Mario video game T-shirt with embroidered Mario.  Both shirts fit wonderfully and are super soft and comfy.  Of course, now I need to purchase him more of these great shirts!  By the way the pricing is AWESOME (Like $15 for adults and $10 for kids).    You need to scoop up 1-2 or maybe all 25!