Our super busy lives warrant a certain amount of downtime to “stop and smell what is around you”.  Why not make this a monthly subscription you or your loved ones/friends can truly look forward to receiving?  Vellabox provides hand-poured candles each month that arrive at your door.  The perfect end to a stressful workday.  For $10/month you can get a 4 oz candle (Lucerna), for $20/month an 8 oz candle (Ignis) and for $30/month you get one of each plus a surprise gift! (Lucerna).  I received the Lucerna and my gift was a deliciousmadagascar vanilla almond & honey” bar from this bar saves lives.    Set yourself or your gift recipient up for 3, 6 even 12 months!  I found the candles totally tranquil, sweet-smelling and the calm I need at the end of a hectic day.  For more info: