I am soooooo tired.  Running, working, kids, carpools.  I decided to dabble in adding more supplements and vitamins.  I am really seeing a difference!  I am trying out the new options from vitafusion

Everyday Energythis is working wonders!  4 of these yummy gummies everyday are giving me the extra “oomph” to get through my workday.  These are packed with CoQ10, Vitamin B and the perfect amount of L-Theanine and caffeine.  They are “peach tea” flavored which is so different for a vitamin!

Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails; these are all things we neglect and must take care of!  I take 3 of these daily which include all the components of a multivitamin plus biotin and antioxidants.  I feel like this is the best of both worlds; I am getting all my daily vitamin needs along with the extras.

Beauty Sleepthis one is sort of saving me since I can NEVER shut my brain off.  I take 2 gummies around a half hour before bed.  This is melatonin meets Vitamin D.  All the good stuff and it tastes good too!

Check them out: other varieties as well; great stuff!


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