Vivitar Get Loud Speaker

Summer is coming and we have to be ready to enjoy tunes down at the beach/cabana.  I am adoring Vivitar’s Get Loud Bluetooth Speaker.  This is simply wonderful for a boost to your home computer as well!  Super easy to set up.  It only took me a few seconds to connect to WiFi/bluetooth system.  It is really tiny and lightweight making it super easy to pack in your tote for the day.  It comes with a USB charging cable so you are always ready for power.

The quality is really decent.  This is stereo sound and total wireless control of your music and your calls!  It literally acts as a hands-free speaker phone.  I can easily skip, rewind and even pause my playlist.  I had no trouble using the built-in mic to speak with people on the phone.  This speaker is priced conveniently so it is affordable on any budget.