The diva in this house is walking around very happy with her gum ball Watchitude; this is basically a watch meets slap bracelet and the designs are simply bold and the best!  So many to choose from; boys and girls alike would be happy!  The watch is really easy to put on just a quick “slap on the wrist” and off you go.  It is very comfortable; I want to say that I myself shy from the watch because by mid-day the buckle part of the strap is digging into my skin and annoying me.  This watch; I could wear all day.

Now here is the coolest part of all; if you go to the website, you can upload your own design idea to be put into their possible production mix!  If you get the votes needed, your creation will be available for purchase and you get a complimentary watch!  You can vote for designs easily right on the site!  Love this concept so much!  The watches cost around $22; check them out for maybe Easter basket ideas or just a fun treat!