Sweet Water Decor

Believe it or not even though it is full-swing summer, many of us are already thinking about Holiday gifts and budgets!  I am thrilled to say that my experience with products from Sweet Water Decor did not disappoint.  I absolutely love the wonderful array of apparel, makeup bags, totes, gifts and so much more they have to offer.  New items (great for holiday gifts!) include print art, pillows and these fantastic makeup bags ( I have the “Hello Gorgeous” one and I simply love it).  This bag is canvas, strong and honestly can be washed so easily in cold water.  Don’t get me started and how cute the mugs and sequin hangers are (yes; I said sequin hanger).  I didn’t see one item over $32.00; check out the adorable travel mugs (great for teachers, extra curricular activity coordinators among a few ideas).


and for a little bit of everything: http://www.sweetwaterdecor.com/.

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