Welly Tins to Heal Your Wounds

Something that you need in your baby bag or car that will make your life a thousand times easier. Welly stackable tins are your one-stop boxes full of bandages, ointments and “boo-boo repair” perfect for you and for your kids.

These are a must-have travel essential and come in dozens of different types. Starting at just $4.99, these boxes fit in your purse and will help you out in a jiff. You can choose from floral prints, to kids colors, along with clear bandages, blister covers, wraps, and waterproof.

Welly also sells tins of ointments varying from antibacterial, anti-itch and burn relief. Those start at $4.99 – a total steal.

They’re cute, they’re easy, they’re helpful and stylish. What more can you ask for? So in the case that you get blisters from running around, a cut or scrape from multi-tasking, Welly is perfect to throw in your carry-on, travel tote, or weekender, making sure you stay prepared all year long.

You can get them online here!

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