What time is it anyway?!?

Not enough freaking hours in the day.  EVER.  I get up before daylight and head to bed after 11 yet laundry isn’t up to date, I have no idea what dinner was but I try to keep smiling.  LOL.

I set alarms all day on the phone.  I have things telling me to do things periodically.  I stare at my wrist but don’t wear a watch.  I really need one.  This week we got a great watch to try out; finally a special treat for me!  The watch comes from the Bradford Watch Company; the brand is wonderful.  What a beautiful watch.  Even the name radiates class “The Taylor”.  This is an elegant watch with leather strap and quartz/stainless steel timepiece.  This would be perfect for everyday or elegant use.  The quality is amazing and I really feel like spending $150 makes total sense.  This is a truly responsible purchase.

Please check them out: Side-note:  the Company also has a men’s CLAYPOOL line and I will be grabbing a watch for the husband.  Now he will have no excuse for being late for weekly carpool.  Just sayin…