Win an Adventure Publications Prize Pack

We all look forward to a time in the near future when we can return to our favorite outdoor locations. With this in mind, don’t miss your chance to win this great nature package from Adventure Publications

The package includes Adele Porter’s book Homemade Bird Food: 26 Fun & Easy Recipes to Feed Backyard Birds which will show you what to do to attract birds to your backyard by making your very own bird food. Next bring the beloved buzz of bees into your life with Our Love of Bees by acclaimed entomologist Jaret C. Daniels. And what would be better than adding your very own bee house? Bee houses are similar to bird houses, but instead of attracting birds, they attract native solitary bee species. Unlike honey bees, these solitary bees are extremely docile and up to three times more effective as pollinators.

Prize: As seen in the photo.  The bee house and the 2 books are valued at $70

End Date:  7/31/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

All contests are subject to our rules located here.

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