Win a Happy Healthy Prize Pack

Happy Healthy‘s  mission is to create a happier, healthier world by making it super easy for people to eat super healthy. They offer farm fresh, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, non-GMO products with no added flavors, colors or preservatives.  Their pre-portioned servings of smoothies can be whipped up on 30 seconds, overnight oats prepped the night before and acai bowls just thaw and eat!

Happy Healthy is committed to providing safe products of the highest quality. Unlike most companies, they actually own the manufacturing facility where their product is made so they have full control over manufacturing process from receipt and storage of raw materials to the final shipment of foods.  All packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.
Currently available in over 2500 retail locations across the country, consumers can now choose weekly or monthly shipments delivered right to their doorstep – anywhere in the continental U.S. and less than any other brand – personalized and flexible for any busy lifestyle.

SAVE TIME – Save about 90 minutes per week vs. traditional grocery shopping ● SAVE MONEY – Save up to $2.50 each meal vs. going to your favorite smoothie place ● REDUCE FOOD WASTE – Research shows frozen food generates 47% less food waste at home


1 free subscription box of 12 items – a selection of Happy Healthy Smoothies (5 flavors): Carrot Cake, Indulgent Blend, Refresher Blend, Tropical Green Tea, and Tropical Mint
Overnight Oats (3 flavors): Banana Ginger, Dragonfruit Berry, Pumpkin Pie
Acai Bowls (1): Original Acai Bowl 

·         Retail price of each product:  Smoothies and Overnight Oats: retail $4.49, online $6.49 (12-pack bundle) – $6.99 (9-pack bundle).

 End Date: 4/30/2019

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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