Win a Lotus Trolley Bag and Prize Pack

Lotus Trolley Bag is a creative and innovative four-bag system changing the landscape of grocery shopping. The four bags spread out over the cart like an accordion to provide a faster, easier and more organized method of shopping.

The system includes numerous features to expedite and enhance shopping. These include egg and wine bottle pockets, an insulated cooler bag, interior pockets, mesh bottoms, double stitching for durability and are washable.

The mesh bottoms on three of the four bags delivers breathability, along with preventing spills from pooling and mold build-up, which is an issue with other styles of reusable bags.

Also, the bags are lightweight, easy to carry and store, while also including double stitching to reinforce the durability and strength of each bag. With a maximum weight limit of up to 50 pounds, each bag is more than capable of handling the needs of an average shopper.

Lotus Produce Bags

The Lotus Produce Bags are a set of three versatile, reusable produce bags eliminating single-use plastic bags in the produce section. An elegant look matches the Trolley and Club bags, while a secure drawstring brings a simple method to opening and closing the bags.

These have become our top seller as customers use them in the grocery store and beyond, such as for travel, art supplies and washing delicates

About Lotus Trolley Bag

Founded in April 2017, our trolley bags are a patented four-bag system spreading across the cart providing more organization and faster check out. Features include pockets for eggs and wine bottles, an insulated bag, mesh bottoms and durability to carry 50 pounds in each bag. Our produce bags target the produce section to ensure a more sustainable shopping experience.

Our mission is to eliminate the use of single-use plastic to rid our planet of unnecessary waste. To accomplish this, we are redefining reusable grocery bags. Our fabric and eco-friendly bags are higher quality and stronger than any competing brand. With durable double stitching, our bags are built to last. Each bag holds over 50 lbs!

Lotus Trolley Bag – ($49.99)
Lotus Produce Bags- ($29.99 value)

End Date: 4/30/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

All contests are subject to our rules located here.

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