Win a NoBox Pocket Knife Gift Set

The NoBox pocket knives include our Single Blade, Double Blade and Multi-tool. These pocket knives are designed to last a lifetime and have a lifetime warranty. They are made from premium stainless steel, stabilized woods and brass. Each has a 4” handle.

For the Single Blade Folding Pocket Knife, it features a 3.5” utility blade and locks open and lockback to close. The Double Blade Folding Pocket Knife has a 2.75” all-purpose blade and 2” smaller carving blade and features a spring action open and close. For the Multi-Tool Pocket Knife, it comes with five blades, six tools: 2.75” all-purpose blade, 2” carving blade, 3.25” saw blade, 1.25” scissor, Combo bottle opener/screwdriver with a spring action open and close.

Prize: NoBox Pocket Knife Gift Set – $120

End Date:

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

All contests are subject to our rules located here.


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