Win a One-year subscription of BullGuard VPN

As millions of college students head back to school, protecting their online privacy is probably not at the top of their to do lists. Parents of these newly-minted adults are likely warning their children about the dangers of partying and walking on campus at night, but they may not consider teaching them – or be educated themselves on – the very real potential of cyber threats and invasions of privacy online. VPN solutions offer protection across multiple devices and the cost of protecting them is literally cents per day. Most consumers don’t realize how incredibly simple it is for hackers to set up a fake malicious network and pretend to be, for example, “Free Coffee Shop Wi-Fi network” or “Airport Wi-Fi.” A VPN adds that extra layer of security and privacy for consumers who want to protect themselves online.
Award-winning cybersecurity company BullGuard recently expanded its product line with the launch of BullGuard VPN. Designed to be easily used across multiple devices, BullGuard VPN features a simplified user interface and quick connect functionality, enabling consumers to fly under the radar and surf the internet in stealth mode while retaining complete anonymity via military-grade encryption. Available for Windows®, Mac®, Android® and iOS® operating systems, BullGuard VPN is available for download and purchase on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the BullGuard website. BullGuard VPN customers have access to 24/7 customer support.

$79.09 for a one-year subscription of BullGuard VPN

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Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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