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Spring is on its way, so it’s a good time to start thinking about fun and innovative ways to get kids of all ages off their screens, away from their phones and tablets, and up, out and running around. Thanks to Starlux Games, it’s easy to get kids to say goodbye to their electronics. Starlux Games, creates engaging glow-in-the-dark games that motivate kids to put aside their screens and interact with each other in real life, in real time and in the great outdoors.Their glow based outdoor games—inspired by classic group activities—are designed to be played outside in the evenings, just at the time when other options are scarce and kids are more apt to turn to tech for their entertainment.

Starlux Games wants to help kids of all ages, and families as a whole, to get moving, get outside, get thinking and get them interacting! Team based games that get the whole family moving and enjoying the great outdoors are good for everyone’s body, mind and spirit!  Ideal for birthday parties, slumber parties, family reunions and every day outdoor fun!

After nine years teaching high school and watching kids become more and more disengaged with their surroundings and each other, Judd King came up with the idea for Starlux Games: “I wanted to create something that I would have loved as a kid—but also something that would be so incredibly engaging and dynamic that kids and teens would actually put their phones down and interact with each other.”—Judd King, founder

Starlux Games mission is to create ways for families and friends to engage with each other in active outdoor play that includes teamwork, strategy and lots of excitement. See the games in action here.

What games are available to get kids moving? 

Capture the Flag REDUX — This patented updated of the traditional game many of us played in our youth brings it to the next level of exciting! 4-20 players can get their hearts pumping with 12 variations of game play!

Glow Battle — Who doesn’t want to battle it with glow swords, in games designed to pit friend against friend, for a fabulous night of play with 10 game options for 2-20 players! This patent pending game will keep the kids running and jumping outdoors for hours!

Whether in the park, at a birthday party, slumber party or a just good old family gathering can go to the next level of fun when you include interactive, innovative games like these. Action, adventure and hours of fun await with any one of these options, turning a regular evening into a night of glowing good fun. These amazing games are available from Amazon or on the Starlux Games site

Winner wins both games.


Capture the Flag

End Date: 6/30/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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