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For moms who are finding it hard to carve out quality family amidst all the other obligations, Bundle is here for you! Bundle is a personalized board game filled with a family’s own memories, traditions, and inside jokes. How does it work?

Customers fill out a short “Bundle Blueprint” when they buy the game, and based on the info they send us, we build them a custom game – so each game encompasses that family’s memories. An example of a few cards we recently wrote for a family are:
  • “Name 4 memories you have from your family vacation to Lake Michigan.”
  • “Abracadabra! Daysha wows the family with one of her new magic tricks. Move ahead one space and roll again.”
  • “What is one way that Jalen has been a great big brother to Vena?”

Bundle is an activity that encourages kindness & sibling bonding, and is also a lot of fun for the parents.

End Date:

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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