Win a Coles Wild Bird Products, Inc. Prize Package

More than 52 million Americans feed wild birds. Why do they do it? More than 80 percent say they feed birds because they want to bring nature and beauty to their own backyard, and desire to enjoy the spectacular sights and sounds of beautiful birds at home. Wild bird feeding is a “hot” hobby; once you try it you’re hooked! Feeding the birds provides a number of benefits such as relaxation, enjoyment, gratification and it even offers educational experiences, especially to children! Plus you’ll be helping birds with nutritious, delicious feed that they need and desire. Serve in Cole’s pretty, weather resistant, high quality feeders made to last with state-of-the art materials to prevent warping and discoloration. Cole’s feeders are all designed to make feeding the birds easy!

For other companies, wild bird feed is often a sideline business and feed mixes are full of inexpensive filler seeds, crop leftovers, and low quality seed that birds just don’t eat. More importantly, you’ll miss out on the increased number and variety of wild birds you could be attracting if you used a better wild bird feed, like Cole’s. Bird feed is all Cole’s does; they’ve developed a complete line of wild bird feed products based on factual research about what birds actually like to eat. Cole’s feed represents the highest quality in content and freshness you can get and they keep seeds as close to a natural state as possible. Unlike other brands, Cole’s is all natural, it is not washed or coated with chemicals and mineral oil to make it look pretty. Plus, each type of feed is carefully formulated to attract specific group(s) of birds – and absolutely no cheap filler seed is ever used! Cole’s believes birds are like people, give them high quality, diverse feed that they love and they’ll keep coming back for more and they’ll bring their feathered friends! For more information on Cole’s please visit:

Prize Package Includes:

Cole’s Prize package includes (*Basket not included)

Cole’s Hot Meats
Cole’s Critter Munchies
Cole’s Cajun Cardinal
Cole’s Finch Friends
Cole’s Nutberry Suet
Cole’s Blue Ribbon Blend
Cole’s Special Feeder
Suet Cakes
(2) Cole’s Hot Meats
(2) Cole’s Blue Ribbon Blend
(2) Cole’s Special Feeder
(2) Natural Peanut

Cole’s Mighty Mesh Feeder
Cole’s Terrific Tube Feeder
Cole’s Hummer High Rise Feeder


Start Date: 11/16/2017

End Date: 12/15/2017

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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