Win a Laura Gehl Prize Package – Great new books for preschoolers.

Win three autographed hilarious new books for the preschool-toddler set by award-winning author, Laura Gehl. With a knack for getting kids to recognize themselves in her comical characters, Gehl provides kids a fun way to share experiences with their parents and friends. Her Peep and Egg books tackle familiar kid and parent “I’m Not…” stand-offs and make them funny and surmountable. Her newest in the series, Peep and Egg: I’m Not Using the Potty finds her sibling chicks conquering the biggest toddler challenge, potty training.

My Pillow Keeps Moving, Gehl’s new “dog-turned pillow” page turner illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist, Christopher Weyant will keep young kids giggling. In it, a resourceful dog makes himself indispensable to his unsuspecting adopted person. And, in I Got a Chicken for My Birthday, preschoolers who are taking gifts to birthday parties – and having parties of their own will learn that birthday gifts, like friends, can surprise us – and sometimes what we think we want is not as good as what we get. This is a lesson worth learning (for all ages) and one that’s hilariously brought home here.

Prizing:  Laura Gehl Prize Package – Great new books for preschoolers.

End Date: 3/31/2018

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily