Win One of Five Copies of DADSKILLS

DADSKILLS: How to Be an Awesome Father and Impress All the Other Parents – From Baby Wrangling – To Taming Teenagers delivers simple, hard-hitting tips and advice in a witty, fun, and easily digestible format. It’s a manual for dads!

Perfect for the busy guy who has his eye on the “Father of the Year” award, the book is organized by the child’s stage and age range. Each chapter covers essential insights and techniques to keeping kids happy, safe, healthy…and stopping them from torturing their parents! Following the style of its tongue-in-cheek predecessor, Manskills, Dadskills wraps valid, incredibly useful information inside humorous writing. Chapters cover all stages of the fatherhood journey, from infant to leaving the nest.


End Date:  8/31/2020


Win one of five copies of Dadskills

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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