Win One of Five Copies of ” Making Pre-Med Count: Everything I Wish I’d Known Before Applying (Successfully!) To Med School”

In Making Pre-Med Count, med student Elisabeth Fassas shares personal stories from her own experiences to help guide you through the pre-med process. You’ll get first-hand guidance and learn how to apply her advice to your own med school journey.

Counselors and checklists are helpful, but your pre-med journey cannot be boiled down to a list of activities and a collection of accolades. In Making Pre-Med Count, Fassas teaches you how to translate your accomplishments into a compelling and personalized med school application. Fassas gets into the weeds of the pre-med years to touch on the most fundamental and gnawing questions that interested applicants must face. Using examples from her own journey from freshman year to acceptance, plus tips and tricks from her peers, she guides readers through an endless stream of conflicting advice towards preparing academically, mentally and psychologically for the med school application process. Ages: For Teens/Adults.

Prize:  One of Five Copies of ” Making Pre-Med Count: Everything I Wish I’d Known Before Applying (Successfully!) To Med School” 

End Date:  6/30/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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